Energy Protein Bites

Energy Bites

1/2 Cup Peanut Butter

1/3 Cup Honey

1 Tsp vanilla Extract

1 Cup Oats (Raw)

1/2 Cup Flaxseed

2/3 Cup Protein

6 TBSP Chocolate Chips

Stir PB, Honey and Vanilla in bowl. Mix until combined. Add everything else and stir. Put in Freezer for 5 minutes (this just makes it easier to form balls). Pull out and form into balls. Place on Parchment paper that is on a baking sheet. Make room in fridge for these guys>>> Then Eat up!! YUMMMMMM

++I make these once a week. Super good! Easy to eat at work- I bring two each day to work to be able to munch on! Super good, super convenient.++




My morning “Work Day” Routine

As a nurse I work 12 hour days. This turns out to be a long, long (LONNNNG) day. I make it even longer.

4:00 am– My Alarm clock goes off (I place it 10 feet from me so I get up)

4:05 am– Put my workout clothes that I set out the night before.

4:10 am– lately I have been doing Jillian Michaels “Ripped in 30“. >>This is no joke. The first day I did it I thought I wasn’t getting that much of a workout until I woke up the next morning… WHOOOOA.

4:30 am– stretch. This is an important part of my day. Settles me down.

4:35 am–


Why yes, I do light a candle. I keep the lights dimmed, energy low. I make my breakfast, read my news, drink my tea and look at my daily schedule. It is a great way to start my day. >>The favorite part of my day<<

5:10 am– Shower time. 

5:25 am– Walk Nala. <<This is also one of my favorite parts of my day>>

6:00 am– Well this part barely takes long. I am a nurse, I need my hair up. I usually just blow dry and put it up. Thats about it. Put some foundation on, a little bit of mascara and call it good.

6:15 am– pack lunch.

6:25 am– Off to work I go!! 

My Day starts at 0700. It only gets crazier from there. I love my morning routine. I don’t know what I would do with out it- It is also a bad thing, as if my routine is off, it’s not the best day. I am trying to get better at not letting it ruin my day!


Briefing me?

So, I received a message awhile ago to sign up for “Brief”. This message came shortly after I posted about me getting “Skimmed”. They just asked me to sign up and see how I like it.

Honestly, it is almost identical. It gives the ‘jist’ of the new from the day before. Has its own catchy titles and stuff but gives me the same information.

I do think that Skimm and Brief are GREAT ideas- but I definitely don’t need to be subscribed to both. <<I already have my newspapers, MSN/Yahoo to also read!>>

I am glad though I was able to compare the two as I was able to see which one I really like to read more, and the writing styles of both!

Get Skimmed or Briefed today- great way to stay informed!!

12 hr days for 4 days.

The nurse life. 

Don’t get me wrong- I love my job.  But sometimes it can just get long.

But on a better note I had a day off today, but back to work tomorrow, BUT then have from Thursday to Tuesday off. HOOOORAY. That is the benefit of 12 hours. Only 3 shifts a week. Sometimes though my RA gets the best of me and I hurt. That was definitely me on Sunday. Hurting, only to wake up on monday and have to work again, hurting.

Today, my day off, I worked out twice. It can always be an internal battle to workout after 4 days on work. But today I got up and was determined to work out not only once, but twice! It was great. Kickboxing in the morning, circuit lifting in the afternoon. Love it.

I shipped all of my eBay items, went to grocery store, had dinner with a friend, took Nala on plenty of walks (& its so windy here) & now I am watching my Boyfriend Coach in the Conference Championship <<GO DRAGONS>>

Our house is a mess- so off to clean!

I am a morning exercise “go-er”

I HAVE to work out in the morning. 1) I feel accomplished if I do. 2) I know I will be too tired after work. 3) I love working out on an empty stomach.

I wasn’t always great at working out in the morning but I have learned awesome tips to help me along the way. Here are my tips:

1– Pick an appropriate time.

** Pick a time that allows you for a great workout & also time to get ready for work. One turnoff of working out early is you never have time to get ready before work. You don’t want to feel rushed before work. For example: I have to leave my house at 6:30. I wake up at 4AM. Go to the gym and work out until 5:15. Come home, shower, eat breakfast until 6″30. It is a schedule that I have learned that works great for me. It also took about 4 times for me to perfect this routine. 

2– Go to bed at a decent time.

** Pick a time to go to sleep and stick to that time. No but, or what if. Shoot for 7-8 hours or again whatever works for you. For example: I am in bed by 9pm. That gives me 7 hours. Anything more or less I am non- functional the next day. It is the hours I have found that work. 

3– Set alarm clock across room.

** This is even better when your alarm clock is your phone. If you a “snoozer” this tip will be so great. Set the phone on the other side of the room or far enough where you can still hear it. But not to close where you won’t fully get out of bed. Getting out of bed to turn it off will kick start your body and the morning! For Example: I don’t sleep with my phone in the room ((the light, tempting to look at, so many reasons not to)), but I do have an alarm clock that sits about 10 feet from my bed. The sound is annoying, but it helps me not a) change my alarm time while sleeping & b) having to get up and turn it off wakes my body up, & if I am already out of bed, I might as well go work out! 

4– Set clothes out for work and working out.

** Being organized is the best way to succeed. Place your clothes for the next day out on your bathroom sink so when you wake up, you can go right into your bathroom and put them on. When you come home from working out, you can shower and now your work clothes are right there to put on. For Example: I put my workout stuff with sweats out, also my scrubs underneath. Wake up and go straight to the bathroom to change. Once I am in my workout clothes I am not getting out. 

5– Plan out your workout.

** Cardio, kickboxing, yoga, zumba, lifting, etc. No matter what it is- have a plan on what your going to do. If you are going to lift, write down your lifts. If you are going to do cardio, have in mind how much. If you’re going to a class schedule that class like a doctor appointment you can’t miss. Writing out your workouts keeps you from aimlessly walking around the gym for something to do. Gets you in and gives you a purpose and gets you out. For example: I lift or do cardio every morning. I have my sets and reps for lifting on a notecard or if it is cardio, again I have my sets and reps on a note card. 

6– Stick to a routine for bit

** They say if you do something for 12 days it becomes a habit. Well with working out, I think its more or less 20 days.. but you get it. If you continually do something it gets easier to do it. Keep your routine strict until you have it down to a tee. Once it is good, you will feel comfortable to be able to miss one day and then recover the next back to your morning routine. Don’t get me wrong though- if you feel you REALLY need sleep. Get Sleep. For example: Right away I made myself get up for 14 days straight at 4am. It stunk somedays but made me go to bed at 9. Now I wake up at 4Am even without an alarm clock. You just get so much more done in the morning. 

7– Morning snack/drink set out

** If you need a pre workout drink? Or maybe a pre workout snack? Have that set out or prepared the night before so you could eat the snack, or drink the drink on the way to the gym. For example: Every night I make my water & lemon, put it in the fridge and set a banana by my keys. This is my routine and what gets me going in the morning. Find your niche. 

8– The days “supplies” set out

** Again with being organized. When I say supplies I mean, get your life organized for that day. Get breakfast prepared, get your work bag packed, get your lunch packed, get your drinks together, snacks-pack em’. This makes the mornings go by more “smoother”. For example: I pack my lunch the night before, get my Ice Tea in the fridge, have my two sausages and eggs set aside in the fridge for breakfast, have dinner set out for that night, look at my calendar, work bag full & etc depending on that day. 

9– Make it personal

** The biggest thing you can do is make it you. Make a personal morning for you. You might need 15 minutes to wake up, or to take a shower before working out, or to eat a bigger breakfast, or read the paper before you go. Whatever it may be, put it in your morning workout and keep improving everyday!

I hope one of these tips can help- it might seem hard to be in bed at this time and wake up at that time- but gets so much easier if you stick to a Routine. 

Shopping, Benihanna & Rollercoasters

11021209_10152567849721213_2112327764113225168_n 11010981_10152567858451213_2020134706349281316_n

Mall Of America was a Hit. Such a great day yesterday.

My sister & I started our day out at The Eagan Outlet Mall…Actually Hold on-

I started my day out at 4AM. Yes, 4AM. I am really trying to stay committed to working out each day. So 4AM came, I was up and did Arm day, with some cardio. Got ready- stopped at Starbucks to get a Skinny Iced Caramel Macchiato and Bacon & gouda egg sandwich.

IMG_4081 IMG_4080 IMG_4083

Starbucks was great. I really am trying to SAVE MONEY so i don’t go unless I get gift cards from my swaybacks. Yes that is my drive. Uneventful, farmland, barren. Nothing. But finally I made it to the cities-picked my sister up and to the Eagan Outlet Malls we go.


No one was there. It was great, but cold. But great that it wasn’t busy! We got some great deals here, 40-50% off. After we left here, we went to MOA.

Again, MOA was empty, warm, but no one was there. There was obviously 2 reasons for this: 1) the threats & 2) its wednesday. I didn’t complain though. We didn’t get to much at MOA as the deals weren’t as great.

BIG DEAL ALERT: I really needed a strapless bra and my sister needed a new one. The Multiway bra I got originally $55, brits bra originally $35. $90 total. I WOULD NEVER BUY SOMETHING THAT MUCH. I had a coupon if I buy one bra, I could get the multiway bra for $35. So now total is $70. I then had a coupon for $10 off a bra. Down to $60. Had a coupon for my birthday. Now down to $50. Had a VS gift card from LAST CHRISTMAS that was $20. Total now $30. My sister had a gift card from this christmas that had $28.95 on it. I then had a gift card that was from this Christmas. Which I paid the rest of the $1.05 with. BIG DEAL 

After awhile one of our best friends came to meet us, our feet hurt, we needed happy hour. To the Benihana bar we went! Sushi & cocktails.


Dinner was a hit as always. Since we had sushi about hour and half before dinner… oh, & cocktails… we had lots of leftovers. TWO LUNCHES>> That gets me really excited. After dinner, we went to Nordstrom- All decided we needed White Converse shoes.?? NO idea why, but they are cute!


Roller coaster time. The picture above is us on a roller coaster. After 8pm, only certain coasters are open so Spongebob coaster it was 🙂 It was fun, my sister was scared, we took lots of selfies & snap chat videos. 

Didn’t get home until after 10pm, but the whole day was one great day. I am really glad I got to see family and friends- makes living in Fargo, North Dakota doable.


eBay is the way-

Recently I did my “spring cleaning” of clothes and some other odd things. I really didn’t want to take all of it to goodwill and I have done the whole, Plato’s Closet, thing before but I knew some of the stuff I was getting rid of I could get more for.

So I took to eBay- I took some risks on the prices of some of the items, but almost everything is being “bid” on! I was nervous about this because I wasn’t sure exactly what to charge for shipping, or if I should just do free shipping and then up price the items.

I went with the free shipping and up priced the items a bit. ((As a shopper my self, I fall for the free shipping tag, so I am hoping others did too)). I am very pleased with how my eBay selling is going. I have made money on everything I have sold, so far. I will keep my fingers crossed everything sells or is close to it.

If things don’t sell I will do what I usually do, take it to Goodwill. I do realize that there is people out there that need this stuff and I should do it all for free right away, but I also would like to make a little side money.

Side note: I am big on trying to find “second” income that I can do at home. I have been looking into quite a few options so I will keep you posted on what happens!

Does anyone have any ideas for second income?


Spring cleaning… in February?

February- the month of spring cleaning (wait, what?)

Okay, I can’t help that I really want winter to be over. I mean that could be why I participated in “spring cleaning”, or you could just say I was cleaning. Note: I love to clean & organize. If I could be paid to clean and organize someone’s house, I would do it in a heart beat!

For as much as I clean, you could say I “spring clean” about every month. Last month it was our kitchen stuff- went through plates, bowls, silverware, appliances, food, you name it- I organized it and got rid of things that we have never used!

Well this month, I went through clothes and board games (random, I know).  But it needed to be done. Some of the board games we got when we first started dating as things to do with friends when we weren’t quite old enough to “go out”. Other games were ones I collected through college from roommates who left their games behind. ((Free Games))

Clothes, clothes, clothes, clothes. I love clothes. I love shopping. I love everything about getting rid of old clothes to bring in new clothes….until I had to grow up, start a budget and implement No Buy Months… 😦 I shouldn’t frown about that because now that I have a budget I find the best ways to save the most money possible each month. I work about 45-50 hours a week, wearing scrubs. Do I really need new outfits for the time I am not working, no.

So today was hard to get rid of some of the clothes that I did. This is because in the back of my mind I know I won’t be able to go to the store tomorrow and replenish the three pair of jeans that I just got rid of, or the 2 quarter zips, and so on.  But I also knew that I won’t wear these clothes and they will just make my closet look cluttered. (& there isn’t much else that I hate worse than something cluttered) 

But this month I did something I haven’t ever done with clothes, I put them all on eBay. I have always been nervous about doing this thinking nothing will sell- but I already sold 7 things today! I could get use to this! 


But in all honesty, my parents are great. Each year before we go on Spring Break- & yes I still go on spring break with my family and our significant others- they pay for a “shopping spree” under a specific limit they give us the day of. Well that day is Wednesday this week. So this reason is also why I am organizing and going through my clothing so I can see what I need for warmer weather! **&& maybe to make room for new clothing**


&& well our destination is MOA. Scary, huh? Some might say we are crazy for going there, but for some reason I don’t see it that way yet. Maybe once I see the increased security I will? But I guess our main destination is the Eagan Outlet Mall-then with time considered we would go to MOA. I guess we will see…

On my list for Wednesday:

  1. White Tank Top
  2. White Shorts
  3. Capris

&& well that is it! Simple, eh? But that is what happens when you stay consistent with your workouts (I told you I am going to get better with eating) and not gain weight! So I am happy about not needed much more!


So I am trying, protein.

While starting this healthy eating journey, I have noticed (and have researched) that protein helps..

a) me keep the muscle I have after a workout

b) me stay full longer

c) me be healthier

d) enjoy the food I eat  🙂


I definitely don’t eat raw fish- but I do like fish!

I love working out- I feel if I actually ate well (which is going to change) I would of lost some weight by now because I workout a lot…and hard. I lift weights, do HIIT, Pilates, kickboxing and cardio. The variety makes working out fun, changes things up and keeps me interested. My favorite: lifting, specifically leg day. (I mean who doesn’t like leg days?) So when I do cardio and the other workouts I don’t want the muscle I have worked hard on to disappear so I need to eat/drink protein to help preserve them. So after lifting I usually have some protein in a baggie and put right in my shaker bottle to drink on my way back home. *easy does it*

I have researched a lot about “healthy eating”. A lot of places that I read said “increase protein” as it helps you stay full longer. & my oh my have I noticed that. I did an experiment (scientist tiffany) one day eating my typical toast for breakfast… I was hungry by 0930. Day two I made two eggs and two sausage links..I was hungry by 1100. That is an hour and a half difference. Throw in a high protein snack in there around 1015- I will be making it until lunch at 1300. That is just some of the small changes I have made in my diet.

I love trying new recipes for chicken, beef, pork, etc. Not only does trying a new recipe (when it is good) make eating healthy fun, but also enjoyable. I will do my best to post great recipes I have tried and loved.

Today as I sit organizing my life–


I am eating greek yogurt with Nature Valley Protein Granola & raspberries. Protein shake (PB flavor) and then as a small snack 1/4 cup of the Archer Farms Peanut Butter Trail mix. All this together is about 50grams protein.

Also as I am sitting here I realize that I need more ideas to get my protein up to as many grams as I want it to be. 120grams (bodyweight equivalent) would be ideal for me, but am still falling around 100grams daily.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions???

I have got Skimm’d

I am a huge current events, read the paper, read MSN/Yahoo kind of girl. I TRY to read that stuff everyday. But there is just some days I am so busy that I just can’t today. Then I will usually sit in bed and think:  Wonder what all happened around the world today?

Two days ago, on the dreaded facebok, I came across this “suggested” site called The Skimm. It looked interesting and I am always open to new things so I clicked on it and read what it was about.


You mean someone will read the news for me, then basically bullet point it into one page? I was blown away & a little unsure that it would fulfill my needs, but I gave it a try.

I do really like it- on days I am feeling really ambitious I will read The Skimm, the newspaper AND MSN/Yahoo. But on days when I am at work for 12 hours getting The Skimm at 0630 is awesome and gives me a quick update what is all happening. It is well written and I am glad I signed up.

If anyone is like me with their current events I would definitely sign up! Great email to get every morning, that isn’t junk 🙂